Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods in the gallery of health care practices. References to massage are found in Chinese medical texts 4,000 years old.

Pressure Point Therapies
Pressure point therapies use finger pressure on specific points -- usually related to the oriental meridian* points, but also other neurological release points -- to reduce pain and treat various disease states.

Did you know Massage improves Posture?
Massage relieves muscle tension and promotes flexibility in our muscles, joints and connective tissues; it assists our bodies to return to a freer and more natural posture. massage relieves muscle contractions and pain caused by spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis & kyphosis. Sitting at a Computer every day changes your posture too and massage can help improve it.

Why do we need Massage?
For many of us, pain or restricted movement can limit our lifestyles. Causes range from sports injuries, accidents, repetitive action, or simply the stress and tension of every day living. Quite often our emotional stresses take up residence in our bodies, and massage can be an excellent and lasting form of relief.

How does Massage reduce stress?
Massage improves the body's circulation, eases muscle pain & tension, assists our body's immune system and promotes a feeling of well-being. All these physical factors combine to reduce our emotional and mental stress levels, which in turn give us more energy and reduces the chance of injury and illness.

How does Massage help muscle pain?
Massage works directly on the muscles, stretching and kneading actions stimulate the nervous system, causing muscles to relax and relieve tightness. Massage also assists the muscles to flush out any built-up toxins that can be stored after exercise, which eases pain and tightness.

How does Massage help injuries?
Massage releases tight muscles and loosens scar tissue, it increases range of movement in the body's joints especially after injury. This promotes flexibility and strength, and stimulates production of natural joint lubrication. This all combines to help prevent further injury.

How does Massage help with fluid retention?
Massage really does improve our body's circulation and assists our waste system to flush toxins and residual fluids from the body. Because of this benefit massage is a fantastic form of relief for those suffering from fluid retention caused by surgery, inflammation, injury, hormonal imbalances or pregnancy.

What will a Massage feel like?
Therapeutic massage is always a very pleasant, relaxing sensation. Remedial massage is different and when working on areas of recent injury or chronic pain, you may notice some discomfort initially which will usually lessen noticeably in the first few minutes as the muscle tension begins to ease.
Massage Therapist's are trained to work within each client's comfort zone; communication is the key factor to ensure the treatment is right for you.