90 Minute Light/Medium/Deep Tissue Massage:

Techniques and Tips for the Most Relaxing Massage Ever

Not all massages are made equal. Even if you go in for a particular style—Swedish, deep-tissue, or trigger-point, say—an experienced therapist will most often pull from a variety of modalities to achieve what you want. With so many different therapists using so many different techniques, how can you ensure you’ll get a relaxing massage that leaves you feeling looser, lighter, and with fewer aches and pains?

Have a goal in mind

Come into your massage session knowing what you want. The massage you’ll receive if you tell the therapist you’re just looking to unwind will be much different than if you tell them you’d like to release knots in your shoulders built up during long days at the office.

That being said, massage therapists are not miracle workers.

“There is a great comic I’ve seen where a massage therapist is facing a client and saying, ‘Let me understand this: you have had this pain now for a year, but you want me to get rid of it in 60 minutes?’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Bottom line: you can expect some relief from a one-off session, but you’ll feel your best with a regular series of massages.

It might get worse before it gets better

If you’re not on a regular massage schedule, expect to feel sore for a few days after a good massage.

“It’s kind of like not having any physical work and then going on an 8-mile hike, the next day you’re going to be in pain. It’s just something to consider.”

Enjoy the short-term soreness knowing that it’s the result of releasing long-term tension.

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