Couples Massage

Receiving a professional couples massage is a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship. It’s not reserved just for romantic partners, often times good friends or family members use a shared massage experience to deepen their connection and bond with one another. You may choose to use your time to talk with one another, relax with music or appreciate the shared silence. This massage is primarily used to relax the body & mind with slow, light to medium pressured strokes over the body. It is also used to shorten recovery time after exercise by removing metabolic wastes out of the muscles. The strokes and manipulations of this massage are designed with therapeutic benefit in mind. This massage helps to improve blood return from the extremities and does not increase heart load. This massage also stretches ligaments and tendons and relaxes the nerves while stimulating the skin. Swedish massage is a regular component in stress management programs. Our standard length for a couples Therapeutic Massage is 60 min. If you would like to book a longer session, please call us at 910-313-1322.