Services / Types of Massage

There are many forms and styles of massage therapy, and at Back In Motion Massage our primary therapies are:

Techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching.

Deep Tissue
Similar to Swedish, but focused on deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia to relieve chronic muscle tension.

Specialized for those involved in sports and other physical activities and focused on treating and preventing injury and improving athletic performance.

Trigger Point
Focused on relieving tight bands of muscle fiber within a specific muscle group that cause shooting pain in other areas of the body.

Designed to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains and reduce anxiety and depression during pregnancy.

Specialized technique that involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet, hands and face that have been mapped to correspond to organs and systems in the body.

Any of these therapies can be modified to be provided over loose comfortable clothing. Please discuss your specific needs with our reception staff and/or Licensed Massage Therapist and they will help select the right therapy for you. A consultation with your massage therapist will help determine which type of massage would best suit you based on the outcome you desire. Each outcome can be achieved during our standard 60 minute session. If multiple outcomes are addressed, we suggest the 90 minute session. Research studies indicate that better and more sustainable results are achieved when massage is received frequently.